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We have built our reputation over the past 27 years by giving small business owners the confidence that their books and taxes are done right and by serving as small business guides to our clients.

Long Island City CPA Peter Burgos

Focused on Your Needs

We work with small businesses and understand the unique challenges of running one. We can help get your books organized, help you analyze and understand your numbers, and take proactive steps to lower your taxes.

Experienced, Proactive, and Friendly

What you get:

We’ll clean up your books, establish a perfect chart of accounts and ensure you’re set up correctly.

We’ll set you up on the best payroll, and either run it for you or equip your staff to do it.

Provide an in-depth analysis of your taxes, financial situation, and accounting system.

We’ll pay your taxes annually according to the tax plan, eliminating year-end surprises. Never overpay or build up a huge tax bill.

We’ll create a comprehensive tax reduction plan for the current year and the future, identifying how to keep more of what you make.

We’ll provide monthly or quarterly reports and management dashboards for key performance indicators.

We’ll provide excellent bookkeeping every month, keeping you up to date and doing it to perfection.

We’ll meet before year-end to make major tax mitigation decisions around investments, purchases, and strategy.

We’ll make year-end tax season a breeze since we’ve done all the bookkeeping, tax payments & tax plans.

We’ll guide you to build tax efficient wealth & provide guidance on mitigating risks for you, your business & family.


When you outsource your tax and accounting tasks, you can enjoy numerous benefits.

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The workplace culture at Peter A. Burgos CPA, P.C. allows us to provide high-quality tax and accounting services to businesses in Long Island City, Midtown Manhattan, Astoria, and more. To learn more, schedule your consultation with our team today.