While analyzing financial documents with a CPA helps business owners run their companies smoothly, these consultations are often put off or not done because business owners worry that such measures are more time and effort than they may be worth. However, a quarterly analysis and consultation schedule with our firm, Peter A. Burgos CPA, PC, is more important than many business owners realize.

Timely Consultation

Part of our role as an accounting firm is consulting with you over your financial records. However, if a company only schedules their consultations for in times of crisis, then it can be difficult to fully assess the situation during these particular appointments.

The quarterly analysis instead enables us to consult with you on a regular, timely basis. As we review your records every three months, we gather an accurate understanding of the direction your company is heading. This insight helps us best determine what actions to take for improving cash flow, minimizing your tax burden through legal deductions, and other key financial decisions.

Proactive Approaches

Similarly, waiting to schedule a consultation until a problem arises is a reactive approach. While it is beneficial to deal with accounting issues when they arise, it is even better to plan ahead.

The quarterly analysis allows us to help you proactively prevent and deal with these issues. Peter A. Burgos CPA, P.C. can see the potential problems in the documents we analyze, as well as existing issues which may not have drawn your attention yet. Dealing with these problems as early as possible, even to the point of prevention, makes them easy to fix without serious repercussions to your daily operation.

Saving Time

On the surface, it may seem like having a consultation at the end of every financial quarter is a time-consuming process. However, a quarterly analysis method does not take as much time as scheduling out appointments during times of need; in some cases, this schedule may even save you time. Due to the fact that these consultations happen on a set schedule for multiple times throughout the year, each individual consultation does not require as much preparation time or context-based questions as a consultation scheduled on an as-needed basis. Each consultation can then lead directly into resolving the needs at hand.

Contact Us Today for Quarterly Assistance

Peter A. Burgos CPA, P.C. provides the quarterly analysis of financial records as part of our accounting services package for businesses in Long Island City, Astoria, Midtown Manhattan, and the surrounding communities. For more information about our accounting services, call our firm today.

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